Arang Scans is a scanlation group, created simply to scan manga we enjoy,
and share it with everyone around us, so if you found us because from one of our series,
then welcome, and thanks for reading our projects, we hope you enjoyed it.

We care about quality rather than quantity and try our hardest to ensure that **ALL** our releases,
are to the best they can be, regardless of time or any other factor, and in
order to do so we need donations, so we can afford to pay for raws, hosting
servers for our website, and to pay the staff that work for us, as we feel
that scanlation’s work is far too under-appreciated, and we aim to give back
to the people that have done so much for us, who started out working as a hobby.

Thank you for all your support, and we hope you continue to enjoy our releases.


Do you mind Aggregator Websites Hosting Your Projects?
No, not at all, contrary to what most people think, Im happy for aggregators to host our work, as it allows for series to become more popular and noticed, which means more people (hopefully) if they enjoy the series, will support the mangaka/author.

Joint Projects & Other Languages.
If you want to work on a series with us, we’re always happy to work with groups,
to speed up the series we release, so more people can enjoy what they read, and as
such, we’re more than happy to do joint releases, and give away our PSD’s (photoshop files)
to other language based groups, so that more people can read the series we work on.

Licensing & Disclaimer
we do not own the mangas we host, and will happily take them down at request, if a series becomes
licensed, we will automatically remove the series from our website, and any hosting website we haven control over (Mangadex..)